Rewiring For Older Bethlehem Homes

Bethlehem Electrical Wiring

Homes of today draw much more power than they ever have before. We draw more power in our Bethlehem homes because we have more electronic devices and appliances now. If your home is over 40 years old, the wiring may not be able to safely support the power demand of your household.

Older homes have often gone through renovations, remodeling, and add-ons. Old wiring may have been repaired incorrectly at some point. In some cases, the insulation that covers the wire is deteriorating or damaged. Any one of these issues can lead to an unsafe home environment. Faulty wiring is the leading cause of house fires according to the National Fire Protection Agency.

If you need rewiring in Bethlehem, call APlus Electricians. If you don't know what condition your home's wiring is in, it is worth having an inspection. We can inspect the wiring to determine what is safe and what is not according to local, national, and state safety code ordinances. Please feel free to call with any questions or to schedule an estimate.

About Aluminum Wiring - Is It Dangerous?

Electrical Wiring Bethlehem

Older wiring is made from aluminum. A shortage of copper around the mid-1960's caused builders to use more aluminum during home construction. This wiring didn't last as long as modern copper wiring and was more susceptible to shorting and wear.

Over time, the insulation and other materials will become degraded. This is true especially at any point where it connects to something such as outlets, fixtures, or switches. No matter what material was used, the wiring will eventually need some repair.

Aluminum wiring should be replaced in many cases. However, there are times when the problem can be resolved by installing copper connectors at the receptacles and circuit breakers.

What About Knob & Tube Wiring - Should It Be Replaced?

It is not always necessary to replace the old style Knob & Tube wiring in Bethlehem homes. The wiring should, however, be inspected by an electrician to determine whether or not any past repairs have been done wrong or whether it is able to support the electrical demand of the household.

You can count on the expert electricians at APlus Electricians for an assessment and any necessary rewiring service in Bethlehem. It is important to make sure the electrical system of your home is able to support the amount of power required of it.

Signs You May Need Rewiring

Wiring is often located in hidden areas that you don't see, especially if your home has ever gone through renovations, remodeling, or a home addition. You could have old wiring behind the walls and only see the new wiring that was installed at some other point in time.

When old wire wears down, it is usually at a point where it connects to something. Every day, the wiring in your home expands and contracts due to temperature fluctuations. Eventually, the connections can become loose or the protective outer insulation can degrade. This can cause sparks, electrical shock, and house fires.

One sure sign that you may need rewiring is when the microwave is powered up and the lights dim. If your lights are flickering or sometimes won't respond when you flip the switch, your wiring may be getting old. There is often another explanation for this but either way, you will want a qualified electrician to troubleshoot the problem.

The circuit breakers located within the main service panel are there to prevent too much power from going through the wiring. If a power surge occurs in your home, you could have significant wire damage and not even know about it. Sometimes resetting the breaker isn't enough. You'll want your wiring and service panel inspected by a qualified Bethlehem electrician.

  • Homes more than 40 years old
  • Frequent breaker trips
  • Flickering lights
  • Power weakening
  • Burned or yellowed outlets or switches
  • Burning smells
  • Popping & crackling sounds
  • No GFCI outlets near water sources
  • Presence of two-prong plugs
  • Switches, outlets, appliances that cause a tingling sensation

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