When to Replace Your Electric Wiring

Bethlehem Electrical WiringFor your safety, you need to ensure that your Bethlehem home’s electric wiring is always in good shape and up to code. Doing this requires you to replace your home’s wiring in a timely manner. What is the right time to replace your wiring? You can learn that by reading this handy guide:

Your Breaker Trips Regularly

A flipped breaker here and there is generally nothing to fret over. However, if you find that your breaker is flipping on a regular basis, you need to look into getting your home rewired. Otherwise, you leave yourself open to some serious problems such as electric fires.

Some Outlets Don’t Work

Do you have that outlet that you just don’t use because it doesn’t work and it’s never worked? That kind of thing gets normalized, it seems, but it shouldn’t be. Your outlets should work, and if you have some that don’t, you need to call for a professional rewiring.

Your Lights Dim or Flicker

Another thing that many homeowners seem to normalize is flickering or dimming lights. You turn on the microwave, and the lights flicker for a moment. That’s just what they do, right? Well, it’s not what they’re supposed to do. If your lights act like this (you guessed it), you need a rewiring.

Your Home Is More Than 30 Years Old

Old homes don’t tend to have the best wiring. Through the years, use, pests, and general age can wear them down to a point that they become unsafe to use. To ensure that your home remains as safe as can be, you need to get a whole home rewiring every few decades or so.

Call Our Bethlehem Electricians for Your Rewiring Needs

Do you need a home rewiring? If so, you need to call the pros at APlus Electricians today. Our electricians in Bethlehem offer quality work that will ensure your home has the safest and most dependable wiring, guaranteed.

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