Benefits of Aluminum Wiring Replacement

Bethlehem Aluminum Wiring ReplacementOver the years, there have been different standards in the construction industry. This could be based on safety, cost, readily available materials, or other factors. Unfortunately, this also includes electrical services including the type of wiring used. If your home still has aluminum wiring, you're going to want to read this and learn more about why replacing it should be a priority on your home improvement to-do list.

Keep Things Safe With Aluminum Wire Replacement

Not sure if you really need to worry about aluminum wiring replacement? Then consider this:

  • Aluminum wiring is just not as durable as copper. Copper tends to be more flexible which makes it easier for a professional to work on without causing damage. It is also common for the aluminum conductor within the system to break during the fastening down with the attachment screw.
  • Aluminum doesn't have the same level of conductivity that copper does. In fact, it's almost 40% less conductivity. What that means is that you can't channel the same level of electricity even though the wiring is the same gauge. To compensate, it requires a larger gauge of aluminum wiring to perform at the same rate as smaller gauge copper wire.
  • Unfortunately, aluminum wiring is more susceptible to melting. The melting point is much lower for aluminum than copper and that can spell disaster.
  • Aluminum is also much more likely to suffer corrosion. A buildup of corrosion is another reason aluminum has less conductivity than copper. In fact, even when copper does begin to corrode, it doesn't impact the conductivity, making it the superior choice.

All of this means that you need a professional electrician to take care of replacing your existing aluminum electrical system with copper. The good news is that the team here at Aplus Electricians offers this as well as other services that are handled in a safe and professional manner.

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