3 Electrical Upgrade Projects Perfect For Fall In Allentown, PA

Panel Upgrades in AllentownIf you’re one of the many Allentown homeowners who haven’t yet taken advantage of the fall season to remodel or upgrade different parts of your home, there’s still plenty of time to start planning. Before we shift fully into the fall season when the weather turns cold again, making a few essential electrical wiring upgrades, like replacing the old lighting or getting a generator installed, is a good idea so that you’re well prepared for winter.

Pretty soon, you’ll be hanging the Christmas lights or putting a few lighted decorations out in the yard. Have you asked yourself if there are any electrical wiring upgrades in your Allentown home that may be important to get done this fall?

To help show you some of the many possibilities open to you, our team of professionals have taken the time to put together this short list highlight just a few of the more notable electrical wiring upgrades you can make around your home this fall that can make a significant improvement in the way you and your family use your home.

Here are a few suggestions to think about from our local electrical contractors at APlus Electricians.

Repair Or Replace Dead Outlets

While many Allentown homeowners choose to focus their improvement efforts on the interior or their landscaping, it’s important not to forget about all the little details that help to keep your home functioning safely and at its best, particularly in regard to the electrical system.

There are very few things around your house that can be as consistently annoying as dead or damaged outlets. They either don't provide you with the power you need or won't hold onto a plug. From cleaning to entertaining during this coming holiday season, the dead or damaged outlets can throw you entire home into disarray.

This fall season is the perfect time to get the outlet repairs done so that you’re well prepared for the holidays. Plus, you and your family can reclaim using them in your home.

With the help of our professionals at APlus Electricians, you can have your outlets back in good working order in no time at all so that you can once again conveniently access your home's electrical system whenever and wherever you need to.

Upgrade The Lighting And Install Switch Dimmers

There are many homeowners all over the country who have gotten tired of the all-or-nothing approach to lighting in their homes over the years, and if you are one of them, why not take the opportunity this fall to upgrade the lighting with new dimmers?

Dimmer light switches can provide you with a great deal of versatility when it comes to lighting your home, and they allow you take control over the ambiance of any room in your home like never before. With new dimmers, you can finally control the areas of your home that are always either too bright or too dark for your liking.

Get Backup Power This Fall With A Generator Installation

As the temperatures start to get colder over the coming months, you’re likely going to start depending more and more on your home's heating system and making sure it’s ready to keep you warm. Have you thought about what would happen if the power grid went down during a storm or what you’d do about all the spoiled food if you had no backup power source?

A generator installation is an electrical wiring upgrade that every Allentown homeowner should be thinking about this fall season. Not only will it give you peace of mind, it will support all the power you need to keep your home comfortable. Plus, it’s going to add value to your home!

Don’t Forget To Plan For Future Electrical Needs

Once you have an inspection done, you’ll have a good idea of what type of electrical repairs or upgrades to make for safety’s sake. You’ll also want to include any plans you may have for the future. For instance, are you just updating the interior now and plan to install additional landscape lighting our outdoor outlets next year?

Make sure to tell your electrician about any future home remodeling projects you may be making within the next five years so that they can recommend the best course of action to prepare the electrical system to support the additional wiring circuits.

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