Ceiling Fan Repairs

Bethlehem Ceiling Fan Wiring Repair

When you are in need of a Bethlehem electrician to take care of your ceiling fan repairs, you need to be certain that they are qualified to get the job done. Too many homeowners end up thinking that this is something that they can DIY their way through, which is nothing but a big mistake. There is never any reason to try to address the service or repair needs of anything electrical by anyone lacking training, experience and certification, aside from maybe changing a light bulb.

APlus Electricians can help address your need for repairs like this so that you don't end up with botched work or, even worse, getting shocked or electrocuted. In some instances, the problem is with the original installation and other problems simply develop over time. Either way, don't try to take care of the issue yourself or accept workmanship from someone that lacks the proper credentials to get the job done.

Ceiling Fan Repair Experts

The majority of problems that come up with these fans are related to the blades, unless it is something electrical. So while you should never attempt to address electrical work, you can however disconnect the power and see if you can determine the issue is one of these common problems:

  • Warped Blades – You should make sure that all of the screws are securely in place, otherwise the connection in the down rod and body must also be inspected.
  • Off Pitch Blades – Measure from the ceiling to one side of the blade for all blades to ensure that the measurements are the same for each. If something is amiss, you may be able to bend the blade but use caution as they can break, especially when it comes to older models.
  • Off Weight Blades – The weight can shift so each blade should be weighed. In order to restore balance, adhesive weights can be purchased, for this sole purpose.

If you notice flickering in the light, unusual noises or ever detect a singed smell, you should discontinue use and contact a professional immediately.

Bethlehem Ceiling Fan Repairs

The bottom line is that, when it comes to services like Bethlehem ceiling fan repairs, APlus Electricians will be there for you. We feel that it is an honor to be able to service the residents of this fine community and ensure that they can use their electrical appliances properly. This includes being able to keep your home safe, as well as comfortable. Don't take chances when it comes to the company you call on to address your needs for this type of work; there is no excuse for accepting inferior workmanship.

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