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Protecting Your Home Starts With Electrical Safety Inspections

The number one objective of any homeowner is to keep the household safe. Each year people spend countless dollars on gadgets linked to security or for notifications of carbon monoxide, smoke or fire....

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When & Why You Need An Electrical Panel Upgrade

It's that time of year when it's important to think about your electrical system as you schedule various yearly maintenance services for your Bethlehem, PA home. One of the most important features of your residential electrical system is the electrical panel....

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Why Electrical Repairs Should Never Be a DIY Project

Homeowners love doing do-it-yourself projects, and it's easy to see why. DIY projects let you improve your home while saving money—they're satisfying, productive, and fun, and they (theoretically) cost less than their alternative.However, there are some projects that homeowners should never attempt....

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What You Should Know About Bethlehem Electrical Safety Inspections

In this day and age, Electrical Safety Inspections are more important than ever, yet not everyone even realizes this option is available. If you are curious as to how your Bethlehem home or business stacks up when it comes to electrical safety then this is something you should consider.

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How You Can Benefit From Bethlehem Generators

Many of us have been through the routine and scenario so often – a storm rolls in and you start lighting candles and gathering flashlights. Why? Because you know how likely you are to lose power, you just hope this time the power outage is not as long as last time....

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Common Bethlehem Electrical Repairs

As a Bethlehem homeowner, it is a good idea to be aware of potential electrical repairs needs that you may run into. While this is not to insinuate that these are repair issues you should make a DIY project, it is just so you will be aware of when it is time to call in a professional....

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